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Third Day Missions partners with local businesses, ministries, social nonprofits and government agencies serving communities affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Rev. Daniel Delgado

Rev. Daniel Delgado

Executive Director

Third Day Missions Leadership:Rev. Daniel Delgado, DMin. Is the Executive Director of Third Day Missions Inc. As a member of the New York State Chaplain Task Force and active member of the New York faith community, Rev. Delgado has developed a far reaching network throughout the City of New York and the nation at large. His relationships reach as far as the west coast and the White House and as close as the children next door that know him as Pastor Delgado. He and his wife Nancy are native New Yorkers with a passion for their home community, Staten Island.

The Third Day Missions team consists of leagues of volunteers with a variety of credentials from city officials to the Joe next door that just wants to help out his neighbor.