The following information and links are businesses, non profits, government agencies and community organizations that have partnered with Third Day Missions  and/or are providing a a resource for families and individuals in need.  Note: All resources and links are given for informational purposes only. Third Day Missions is not recommending a particular product or method.

Training, Seminars, Preparedness
Food, Water, Storage and Gear
  • Safety Orange
    Freeze dried meals, water and kits, especially designed for children.
  • Rainy Day Foods
    A division of Walton Foods with a variety of food and storage products including water barrels.
    Information, supplies as well as a free guide book can be found on this website.
  • Pleasant Hill Grain
    Kitchen equipment, water purifiers, grains, etc.
    Emergency essentials, recipes for stored foods, reasonably priced products and monthly catalogs.
  • Costco
    Search “Emergency” for disaster preparedness products.
  • Over The Edge Gear
    Emergency kits, supplies, water filtration, supplies, shelter, etc.
Church Security Resources